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Samvid Spirits

Samvid derives its essence from the Sanskrit interpretation of ‘Knowledge’. Samvid Spirits is committed to craft Premium IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor). The trademark of our company is the transparency in our distilling practices and the authenticity of the ingredients distilled. Our products are created based on the strong understanding of the market and research on the production and aging processes of different types of liquor.
Samvid Spirits is committed to build premium IMFL. We are in the production of high-quality Alcoholic Beverages, such as fine Whisky, Vodka and Rum.
Join us in raising a glass and rising together with our premium spirits.

MAnagement Team

Birendrra Yadav

Founder & Director

Birendra Yadav, the Founder & Director of Samvid Group is one of the 1st generation entrepreneurs who entered the corporate world with one of the most influential companies, Reliance Industries. Eventually, he embraced the sector of Banking & Finance.

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C.A. Chetan Mhapankar

Director Finance

C.A. Chetan Mhapankar, The Director Finance, brings on the table, his expertise to navigate through complex financial landscapes. With his keen analytical mind and strong business acumen, he not only aids in the growth and profitability but also is a vital asset to Samvid Spirits financial decision-making procedures.

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Samvid Spirits is the trusted and fastest growing name in Mumbai’s liquor industry. Delivering excellence, convenience, commitment and value over the years.We are always available at your service.

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