Samvid Spirits - Crafted for World

Move into the world of exquisite spirits with Samvid, a name that resonates with the perfect blend of Indian heritage and global finesse. Awarded Most Promising Startup of 2023 in Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing by Business Mint, Samvid Spirits offers more than a brand – it’s an experience. At Samvid, we believe every sip should be an extraordinary journey. Our carefully crafted spirits delight the palate and senses, bringing novelty to each encounter.


Welcome to Samvid Spirits Where Authenticity and Quality are at the Core

Step into a world where tradition meets distinction, where every sip is a journey, and where shared experiences are crafted in each glass. Welcome to Samvid Spirits, an embodiment of the perfect blend of Indian heritage and global finesse in the realm of premium liquors.

At Samvid, we believe in transcending the ordinary, offering you meticulously crafted spirits that tantalize your palate and elevate your senses. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is at the heart of every bottle, reflecting our ethos in every drop.

Western Choice Deluxe Whisky

Indulge in the luxurious notes of Western Choice Deluxe Whisky, a testament to the seamless fusion of aged malt and carefully selected Indian grain spirit. With a commitment to perfection, each sip offers an exceptionally smooth and rich experience. Fine woody aromas add a distinctive character, elevating this whisky to a premium status that embodies the essence of Samvid Spirits.


Jackson Black Premium Blended Whisky

Embark on a journey of sophistication with Jackson Black Premium Blended Whisky. Crafted by marrying aged malt with the gentle embrace of oak chips, this blend unveils a nuanced smokiness that captivates the senses. The result is a whisky that is not only inviting but also represents the harmonious union of tradition and innovation in every delightful drop.

Hate Tears Vodka

Experience the refined taste of Hate Tears Vodka, a true embodiment of purity and smoothness. Distilled to perfection, this vodka harmonizes seamlessly with the brand’s call to rise as one. Elevate your spirits with every sip as Hate Tears Vodka invites you to celebrate the moments that bring joy and unity, leaving an enduring impression of exceptional quality.