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Samvid Spirits takes pride in stating that their premium liquors have ingredients from Indian origin with a perfect blend from overseas components that brings out the best unique quality product.
It is our belief that every spirit should take the drinker on a journey that extends beyond the taste buds into a journey that tastes and feels new, everyday.

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Western Choice deluxe Whisky

Western Choice Deluxe Whisky Serves a smooth note experience, bringing together aged malt and selected Indian grain spirit. The blend aroma is more of fine woody note to it.

Jackson Black premium blended Whisky

Jackson Black is a blend made with aged malt and is matured along oak chips giving it a woody smoked flavour. It superbly combines with Indian grain spirit to give birth of a finest Whisky for one to crave.

OldSmith Spiced Rum

Oldsmith Rum is a high-quality, carefully crafted rum that ensures that the steeping and vapor-passing process allows for the infusion of natural flavors into the rum, resulting in a complex and nuanced taste.

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Samvid Spirits is the trusted and fastest growing name in Mumbai’s liquor industry. Delivering excellence, convenience, commitment and value over the years.We are always available at your service.

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